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March 30, 2007


Jay Matthews


Fantastic start! I'm looking forward to watching Seattle's Urban Villages grow. I'll be checking in often to see how it's going!

Deborah Burns

Thanks Jay!
I will be watching you at too! I liked the look of your blog. I was back and forth between WordPress and TypePad. Finally went with TypePad, although I sure like what you have done with yours.

Thanks for being my first "Commentor"!


Fabulous photo! Great start. Good luck with it.

Deborah  Burns

Thanks Ardell!

Rhonda Porter

Deborah, your blog looks great and I enjoy your content! I look forward to your future posts. Best to you.

Deborah Burns

Thanks Rhonda!

I really appreciate your stopping by!

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This is a great start for Seattle. Thanks for the info. Great photo too.

Deirdre G

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