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December 26, 2007


West Seattle Blog

We mapped all the brightest displays in West Seattle (including the Menashe home, which you feature in this post) over the course of more than a month leading up to Christmas. The map (with each placemarker including a thumbnail photo) is on our Holidays page (looks like your comments don't allow links so click "West Seattle Blog" next to "posted by" here).

Deborah Burns

Hi WSB, very, very cool way to track the Christmas Lights on your blog! Sorry about not being able to link properly, I'll have to see about correcting that.

My friend drove me by the Menasche home several years ago and we return every year to admire their beautiful display. This year we happened to drive by on Dec 1st during the snow flurries and saw the heavy equipment on Beach Dr at the ready to put up the all the lights.

BTW, I linked your "... (slightly) White Christmas" post to my Neighborhood Round-up post on Rain City always have lots of wonderful content.

I don't know why I haven't put you on my blog roll yet (I have Rhonda's Beach Drive Blog) so I will add it now. Thanks for stopping by!

Philippines properties

I want my house to be that bright on Christmas. the season is coming I feel it in the air.


 Long Island Masonry

How long do you leave your christmas tree up in America?

Victor Wetherbee

The Christmas lights are just too beautiful to behold. The lights look like multiple fireworks. I have to give a special mention to the third picture. The light just outlined the contours of the house perfectly.

led holiday lights sale

Thanks for the inspiration. I want my house to be that bright. :P

par lights

Wow !! What a amazing Christmas house they have, how long you put the Led lights in your beautiful house?? and how many is that?? and I know your not worried about electricity bills because you used the one of the energy efficient in the light world. I like your house.. very well done.


Led lights in your beautiful house?? and how many is that

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