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February 27, 2008



GREAT pictures, Deborah. Thanks for posting these and also for your participation in the Show Blog. ~Flora

Deborah Burns

Hi Flora!
Thank you, I am glad you like that photos. It was fun and exciting to be able to participate with the show as a guest blogger, thank you for the opportunity!


Great arrangement for your garden show. Keep up the excellent work!

real estate in Philippines

WOW! Love the first photo, hope I have one like that too in my garden. Great take each one of them.

Deirdre G

Philippines properties

I like the garden set ups, very well designed. it looks very presentable.


Retirement Home Seattle

Very good tips and viewpoint. Usually the success of a business or a site comes from your own hands also. Think wisely and positive. Thanks for having it here.. :)

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the zen garden looks very cozy at night

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